Digital marketing is an integral part of traditional marketing, where people utilize digital channels for the marketing of their products. Digital marketers leverage different digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media platforms, e-mails, and various mobile applications to advertise their brands.

Earlier, the first thing in the morning would be reading the newspaper while having a cup of tea. But, ever since we have got smartphones, tablets, unlimited access to the internet, everything is bound to online activity

In simple words, digital marketing is any form of marketing products and services that involves electronic media.

Why Do We Need Digital Marketing?

If you want to start off your business, and you want to promote it, you cannot go and knock on everyone’s door, and tell them- “hey, I am starting a new project, please help me make a profit out of it!”

why need digital marketing
It is impossible for you to do that. Then you may think of setting up a billboard which would cost you around 2-3 lakhs. You may think that now you have set up a large advertisement so it would reach a wider audience.

But are you sure, it is reaching the right viewer? And if yes, how much conversion is happening?

How many clients are coming to you on daily basis and saying that they had come because of the billboard?

Think about it?

In this case, internet marketing can help you a lot in an inexpensive way.

Let’s Find Out How.

Digital marketing is a platform where you can put up your ideas and thoughts and even get a lot of guidance from the people who are already working here. It would give you an opportunity to understand your audience better and you would also know what your audience is preferring so you can easily cater to their needs.

Besides that, what you cannot do in traditional marketing is to track people. You can do it in online marketing.

You get to see how many people are watching you, coming on your site and liking your content, what engagement you are making, and a lot more.

Types Of Digital Marketing

There are a lot of ways through which you can promote yourself or your brand in the digital market.

They are:

  1. Content Marketing (Blogs, Articles, Youtube Videos, etc)

  2. Affiliate Marketing

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  4. Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords)

  5. Social Media Marketing

  6. E-mail Marketing


Now that you know the basics and the need for digital marketing, you can choose any platform to promote your business.

Remember, you don’t need to have a professional degree/diploma in this field. All you need is the right amount of knowledge tools and tricks to make your product reach the correct audience.