“Change is the only thing that does not change”. This suits us well for all nowadays. Right from lifestyle, food, fashion, and perspectives keep on changing from time to time. That too post-pandemic, many things have changed. Trends in Digital Marketing have changed. Food, lifestyle people’s behaviors, and their ways of handling things have changed a lot. Even time has brought an abundant change in customers’’ perspectives. Pertaining to that, the preferences of customers, buying behavior,, and buying patterns of customers have changed these days. So businesses are supposed to adapt to many changes as per their customers. The ease of making purchases and even that of businesses have also changed a lot. People start earning with zero investments and customers get delighted by the way of businesses.

Digital marketing is not a new thing. But it is getting ways to reach greater highs. People now look for everything on Google. The changing environment and increased usage of tablets and mobile phones paved the way for digital marketing. Organizations have gone online to be in touch with their customers. Customers are also effectively utilizing this and they prefer online shopping to in-store shopping. So competition is becoming higher among organizations to combat these changes. Marketing has gone places because of this digital intervention.

Online marketing and online advertising are some important milestones in the digital era. To flourish in this era, industries have to adapt to the recent advancements to make themselves more competitive. There are a lot of advancements have been made in the past few years. Here let us discuss a few recent trends in digital marketing that are very new to this industry.

Recent Trends in Digital Marketing

Numerous technologies are trending nowadays. Firstly let us list some recent trends in digital marketing and then look into some of them in detail.

  1.       In-Email Purchases
  2.       Chatbots
  3.       Voice Searching
  4.       Artificial Intelligence
  5.       Virtual Reality (VR)
  6.       Influencer marketing
  7.       Web Applications

In-email Purchases

You may think about whether to email a new one.

Yes, you are right! Email is not a new thing but it has evolved into newer technology.

Yeah! Email has become a recent trend in Digital Marketing. You may think how. Let us explain.

Earlier emails will be sent to our customers and newsletters will be sent to the subscribers. In those emails, the body of the email contains links to external pages, blogs, or websites on which the customers have to land. Even if the body of the email is catchy, it doesn’t serve the ultimate purpose of the customers i.e. purchase.  Email stands as the best medium for e-commerce websites and also for organizations that are all engaged in online marketing. From the body of the mail, customers are supposed to land on payment gateway pages through the links provided if they are interested in purchases. SEO will help the companies target the customers in the best niche possible and sort over the challenges. Online educational academies are best approaching this for their betterment. To provide super sophistication to customers, industries now indulge in this recent trend in online marketing.

Web Applications

Web applications are also a recent digital marketing trend. It can be said roughly that the usage of web applications started in the year 2018 and it is attaining tremendous growth nowadays.

Many e-commerce giants are using this wisely. Flipkart is an example of one such e-commerce organization. This helps the organization to keep their customers by sending greetings, and notifications and providing exclusive offers and gifts. This helps the business to increase the duration of customer interaction. This is the most effective way of brand placement in digital marketing.  This is one of the lucrative options for digital business even for small businesses.

These current trends in online marketing also have some hiccups then and there. If there is a problem with website loading or say for instance if it takes too much time to load a page or it has navigation difficulties, then the customers will gain worse experiences and the retention of customers in such cases poses a problem. So, one has to be keen in looking after his web applications to provide a pleasing experience to his customers.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality or VR is one of the recent trends in digital marketing which uses computer technology to create a simulated environment. In recent times, this is becoming popular.

VR TechnologyIn education and entertainment platforms, Virtual Reality is gaining momentum. This gives a real-time experience of how it can be felt. With the device mounted on one’s head as shown in the above picture, he can experience the real-time happenings when he does something. This will help to interact with the unreal 3D world and help to understand better. This virtual world is created by the inputs from the computer with the help of technology to provide a better understanding as well as engagement. There are numerous uses for this technology. A small kid can feel like an adult with this technology and in the same way an old man can enjoy his teen again. One can be transferred to a princess of the wonderland and bring new turns in his way. Possibilities are infinite but it is most commonly used for education and entertainment purposes.

Voice search

Searching has also faced so many changes nowadays. People usually search with text terms earlier. But now options are wider. They can search with the image to know more about it or even speak and search as per his needs.

voice searchVoice search uses speech recognition technology to identify one’s needs.

No need to type now! Just use voice input to do what you want in search engines.

Now typing can also be surpassed by dictating. If you want to write a note and you have the speech recognition software, then it is easy. Simply dictate what you want to write and get typed in a second.

Wanna search for something? Get your microphone on; speak over it and get search results without typing. Now, this has become a default option in some engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also in YouTube.


The main purpose of this recent trend in digital marketing is engagement. It serves well for its purpose. Chatbots have been an easy and effective way of engaging their customers especially online. A recent survey on chatbots revealed that more than one in three brands depends on chatbots to solve the issues that arise with their customers with the interference of humans.

chatbotsChatbots help businesses to grow their customer and provide better satisfaction to their customers. They engage their customers and create better relationships with them and in turn, drive more sales.


Digital marketing has become inevitable in recent years and shows a bright potential to grow further. It is important that industries should work on these advancements and adapt these recent trends in digital marketing to gain a strong base among their competitors. Even competition becomes heavier among digital marketing companies and we can expect better services from them in turn.

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