Likewise, your website design represents and introduces you to the world. As you know, online businesses are growing day by day; you are not allowed to make mistakes while representing yourself online. With poor website designs, you can’t convince people about your products and services. There are many Common Mistakes in Web Design that can be avoided to make your website more attractive to visitors.

How about creating your own website? Nowadays, it is so easy for everyone to create their own website. A good website represents strong points of your business which seems more promising to customers. To make this possible web design is a must key factor. There are many web design companies or agencies in the market which provide you with the best results. You can go with any one of the best web design company to get good results for your website.

What is Bad Web Design?

We always want to see that is visually beautiful and appealing. Bad Website design is not that effective in attracting people to your site. It causes people to leave your site and search for another one that is more attractive. This increases your bounce rates affecting your search engine result page (SERP) rankings.

The worst part is bad web designs are also getting paid for their work by whoever doesn’t know about the latest trends in web design. Most of the website designs are those designs that were trending at that time but are not effective today, which you will definitely not want for your website.

Today, website design includes all the technical skills with visual elements to bring to the notice of your customers through your website and along a sales funnel. The main goal of correcting common mistakes in website design is to engage your visitors on your website and convert them into leads. So, it’s’ more important to focus on what customers need, the functionality of the website, and the overall user experience.

Common Mistakes in Web Design

There are many common website design mistakes that are outdated and can be avoided on your website. The top 10 mistakes in web design are mentioned below. You can check them and update your website as per the latest trends.

  • Pop-Ups – 

This is one of the worst features that are still being used by some websites. It was meant to grab the attention of users, which disrupts the visual look and feel of a website. They are now ineffective. Do you remember when you read a pop-up last time?

Many times, people search for the close “X” button on that pop-up to close that window which wastes their time. Some people leave the site after seeing such a pop-up which leads to an increase in the bounce rate of websites. Visitors want to see your website and not the pop-ups. Some people also have installed pop-up blockers in frustration

There are many other ways to get a user to subscribe or sign up for newsletters or upcoming announcements with their email addresses. Use pop-ups for good reasons, and not as a welcome pop-up.

  • Auto Pay Music/Videos – 

This is the second most annoying category of website design mistakes to avoid. If you are at any public place or in an office, it starts playing this auto-play music once you visit that website which is more irritating. No one wants a loud ad or video play unexpectedly appearing on a site just they visited. It creates more distractions with a negative effect on your site and your product/service.

The sound on the website is great, but it should have time and place to play it. Correct? So web design mistakes such as videos or sounds that auto-play once the website opens can be avoided. If you still want to have sound or video on your website, make sure you have ‘mute’ or ‘turn off sound’ buttons prominently displayed. In this way, you will not lose your visitors before they leave your website.

  • Flash Introduction – 

This is a short animation that lasts for a few seconds to minutes or longer than that before the website opens. This was a great opportunity to attract customers a few years back. However, nowadays, people want an instant answer for what they want. New customers will definitely get frustrated by seeing such a flash intro on your website before opening and will leave immediately without searching for anything on your website. This will increase your bounce rates.

Valuable visitors are those who return again and again. If you still keep asking them or telling them through flash intro then you will definitely lose your potential customers. What is the use of asking or telling them repeatedly whenever they come on your website? If they have been to your site before, a flash intro can be a barrier to your sale.

  • Images and Illustrations – 

While doing web design images play an important role as they have a long-lasting impression on customers to build relationships with a brand. Stock images are a sign of bad web design because they are used on blogs or posts.

It’s better to use your worksite, projects, or team members to create a site with a genuine feel and build trust with your visitors. A bunch of low-quality images is also not good to be found by visitors to your website. Use those images that illustrate your product or service. So, even if you are not able to read text, you can understand what kind of products/services the company is providing by seeing at illustrative images they added. 

  • Huge Images – 

You always want to showcase large images, but make sure that all the images are optimized for fast downloads. A visitor gets frustrated if an image is not downloaded on time. Ensure to add “alt” and “title” tags for all the images which will help users to know about images. Alt tagging also helps to get a higher rank on search engine rankings. People do not want to wait for images to download. So make sure to compress them but with quality. You need to focus on image optimization with quality.

  • External Links – 

This is one of the common mistakes in web design. You can’t avoid adding external links to your blogs or posts wherever possible. If you ever use an external link in your content, make sure each link opens in a new window/tab. Use external links only when needed and related to your content that makes sense to a visitor who visits your site. Also, ensure not to place external links to exit the website before making any transactions.

  • Broken  Links – 

This is one of the huge errors seen on websites that are not working properly. Error “404 page not found” is a good-bye sign from visitors to a website that drops your visibility on Google. Before launching any web page, test all the text links and image links using various software available for free with great use.

  • Missing Contact Details – 

Sometimes, you forget to add your contact details like phone number, email address, etc. for your visitors. Adding contact details makes your potential customers contact you for further requirements.

  • Missing Social Profiles – 

Connecting your business through social media profiles is most important nowadays. So make sure to have your presence on the most prominent social media networks that give you many options for your new or revisiting customers to get in touch with you. Remember, to have social profiles on whatever network you choose to be on, or else it will be an outdated profile.

  • Spammy Blog Comments – 

Moderation for all the comments on blogs is necessary. If you have a blog or blog as a part of your website, you should make sure to moderate all the comments by using spam filtering software to clear out unwanted comments before publishing on your website. No more hundreds of weird comments on useful blogs!

There are many website design mistakes that can be avoided for a better appearance of your website. You can miss upgrading the website with the latest trends but make sure to go through outdated trends for correction in web design mistakes to avoid in the future.

Bottom Line

Even if trends are helpful to make your website appearance fresh and relevant, it has some expiration dates as well. With outdated trends, you will face problems with your website visitors and conversion rates. You should be able to determine the adjustments for your clients to have the best experience with web design. Don’t do it yourself if you are looking to improve an existing site or build a new site. Website design services are so important in today’s world that and cannot be properly handled by unskilled people. For this, you need to consult the best web design company with years of proven experience in website design and digital marketing. The core difference between good and bad websites is visual appearance, consistency, and ability to achieve business goals.

Thank you for reading the blog. Kindly comment if you have any more suggestions.