What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media term describes the website and applications and facilitates to creation of content and sharing by users. The content consists of photos, videos, and text which can be shared in real-time either with private family and friends or publicly also. Now there are 3.5 billion users of social media worldwide and so addicted to social media that the users spend an average of 3 hours per day on chosen sites. And we are using such a vast platform you must be curious to know what are the benefits of social media marketing.

Initially, social media is a place to communicate or reunite with old friends update family events join online communities, and meet up with new ones. The personal form of social media has become individualistic by creating and updating their profiles with the job, location, loves, dislikes, and likes. On the platform before Facebook, there was Friendster the US site launched in 2002 which has a feature to discover and allow friends to connect. Friendster had over one hundred million registered users and it had lots of grumblings also.

Now social media has gained popularity and they shifted their purpose also and brands pay attention more to social media as a marketing landscape. The brand created its profiles on social media so that consumers foster friendly relationships with the brand and can interact with the customer views and strategize the marketing. The Platform MySpace has also adopted this strategy and found in a survey that 14% of respondents believed the brand appeared to be more friendly and creative on social media.
Social media marketing is the practice of using social media to connect with the audience, build the brand, and generate revenue. The brand uses social media marketing to create authentic content that is of audience interest as per analytics and can drive traffic to your website in the hope to purchase of your products and services.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Company:-

  1. Increase Brand Recognition and Trust: Staying active and continuously interacting through posts on social media makes brand trust increase in customers’ points of view. The consumer becomes better versed in dealing with threats of privacy and security online. On the stage of buying 54%  of social browsers check social media company pages.
    It can also increase trustworthiness by consistently adding the hashtags of brands, logos, images, and colors on your main website.
    Always ensure to add the link of your website to social media pages in your perspective profile.
    Always reply to both negative and positive feedback and comments.
    Have a clear and consistent brand voice across all social media channels.
  2. Increases customer satisfaction through services: Creating a social media profile of the brand opens up ways to interact with customers in real-time. Brands that take advantage of real-time communication by giving replies to feedback and criticizing the comments can increase the brand’s reputation. These ways of communication are an advantage and one who doesn’t care about it the brand can lose the loyalty and customer also.
  3. Increases in Inbound traffic: without marketing your business on social media your known traffic will come to buy your product and service. To reach globally use of social media is necessary and to acquire a new customer social media helps the customers by seeing and engaging with content and posts to reach your website and make purchases. Otherwise, it will be in limited customers will not generate revenue as well. This means the more active you are on social media more the customer will visit the profile more will be engaged with your website and more will be the revenue.
  4. Higher conversion rates: Increased visibility increases the higher conversion rate. Posting on blogs, images, videos, and comments makes each viewer come to your website and so increases the traffic. When a user loves your brand and it also uses its service they will mention it to their friends and family also and so the conversion rate also increases. The survey showed that about 66% of lead generation is done with social media i.e. 6 hours per week.
  5. Gain a position in the marketplace: one of the most important benefits is marketplace insights. You can monitor the activity of your customers on your profile. Can see customer interest, and opinions that you might not be aware of not having a social media profile. When you gain more followers you can use a research tool that which posts make more impressions and measure conversion also. These are the benefits of social media marketing you will get if you have a social media profile hope you cleared from this article how social media marketing is important.

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Disadvantages of social media

  1. The main disadvantage is social media is not meant for businesses. The main purpose was to meet and connect with people for chit-chat and share photos and videos but now the purpose has been changed and make it used for promotion we cannot forget the core purpose of social media, choices of people will remain the same.
  2. Being on social media means we are exposing publicly any kind of feedback and negative comments. If your business is new and unknown then you are likely to be offended by comments and dislikes also. Bad things are spread out quickly through social media.
  3. Measuring the marketing efforts on social media is complicated and this particular con is faced by many business owners.


If you want to achieve traffic then social media is the only place where you can be in touch with users. There are lots of pros and cons of social media and comparing them together can get a calculative decision and outcome so that social media can run efficiently. The planning strategy plays a vital role in marketing social media and choosing the right social media platform.
Picking the right platform for social media marketing is tricky because all users will not have the same approach to social media on which we are doing business. Social media is introduced to the digital world and can connect to users.