Shared vs VPS: You are not tech-savvy and looking for some know-how related to web hosting?

You have landed on the correct blog. Now that you have created your site and looking for plans and hosting providers to host it, it is mandatory to know about the plans and the hosting service providers.

Getting confused, overwhelmed, and lost, are the common reactions one can have while selecting a web hosting plan from various types.

Also, selecting the right web hosting partner is as important as considering the prices of the plans. Selecting the plan just based on the hosting partner or plan or pricing can prove to be a fiasco in many cases.

The reason it is important to consider price, plans, type, and hosting partner, is because website hosting is a long-term goal. Website hosting is not a matter of days or months, it stays as long as you do not erase it from the servers.

While talking about web hosting the most important part to discuss is the web servers. A web server can be a stand-alone server or a cloud-based server, depending upon the requirement of your website you can choose one amongst the servers.

About Servers:

Cloud-Based Servers

The cloud-based servers work on virtualization. Multiple physical servers across wide geographical areas are connected virtually. The cloud-based servers are robust and provide the highest degree of performance and security. The data on the cloud servers is replicated so there are least chances of data loss.

Also, cloud-based servers provide scalability and reliability. The VPS hosting is cloud-based as it uses virtualization.

Stand-Alone Servers

These servers are the physical servers. The web hosting types like shared, and dedicated are worked upon the stand-alone servers. The stand-alone servers provide security and durability.

To understand which web hosting type to opt for, it is important to know what is shared hosting, and VPS hosting.

Hosting your website which requires minimal resources, is better to be hosted using shared hosting.

About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting type in which the server resources are shared amongst various websites. The resources a client gets in shared hosting are bandwidth, SSD disk space, CPU, email accounts, website hosting, website builder, databases, etc.

The cheap shared hosting plans are well-suited for small-scale business websites.

Some of the advantages of shared hosting are:

  • Flexibility

Shared hosting gives you the flexibility of hosting any type of website.

  • Self-Manageable

The shared hosting enables you to manage your website with the help of a simple and easy-to-use control panel. The control panel dashboard is the user interface that enables the user to look after the administrative tasks.

  • Cost-Efficient

The shared hosting plans are the cheapest compared to all the web hosting types and plans. With the least cost, shared hosting provides efficient hosting for your website.

  • Dynamic Website Hosting

Shared hosting allows you to host dynamic websites. The websites hosted using shared hosting can be viewed with effectiveness on any browser and device.

  • Fast Maintenance

The hosting service providers are available at your service 24*7. You do not need to look after the maintenance of the website. MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting companies furnishing 24*7 support relating to all web hosting plans.

Miles plan
There are some drawbacks of shared hosting when it comes to hosting bulky websites or sites attracting traffic.

The shared hosting plans provide shared server space and limited resources to the websites.

In case your website is booming you may face site load issues and performance degradation.

Also, the shared hosting plans do not furnish scalability features.

 About VPS Hosting

The VPS hosting works on virtualization. Like in shared hosting the physical server space is shared amongst the websites, the VPS also shares the physical space of the server virtually. The hypervisor is the software that enables virtualization in the server space.

In VPS hosting each distributed segment acts as a dedicated server. The cheap VPS hosting in India provides a dedicated IP to each user.

The VPS Server Hosting Is The Best Choice For Growing Business

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • Scalability

The main advantage of VPS hosting is, it provides scalability. You can scale up and scale down the resources of the server space according to the requirements of the website.

In the site booming time, you can add on the resources and utilize those.

  • Flexibility

You can host a business website, e-commerce site, portfolio, etc. using VPS hosting. Also, VPS hosting gives you the liberty to select the operating system of your choice.

  • Security

VPS provides the highest degree of security as the IPs are dedicated. The site load on the other sites does not affect the working of your website in VPS hosting.

  • Performance

As your website is independent of other sites the performance of your site increases automatically. The VPS plans to give higher uptime than other web hosting plans.

  • Great Server And Website Control

The VPS plans offer you managed and self-managed VPS plans.

If you are a newbie to web hosting, it is better to opt for managed VPS plans.

The managed VPS plans offer a fully managed server space. The web hosting service provider manages the server resources for increased performance. The databases, auto updations, installation, security, etc. are all managed by the hosting service providers.

In self-managed VPS plans, you being the website owner have to deal with the server and the website management. It is better to opt for self-managed VPS plans only if you have know-how regarding server management.

  • Budget-Friendly

All the VPS plans are budget-friendly. Also, as the VPS hosting works on a cloud-based service model it offers pay-as-you-go.


For your booming business website, it is always a safer choice to go with VPS hosting as it furnishes numerous benefits over shared hosting plans. VPS is the most suitable plan providing greater flexibility and scalability to any kind of website.