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We are happy to announce our collaboration with Kainotomia Edutech. This collaboration will elevate our clients and our organization to the next level. Our primary objective is to become the best Digital Marketing Company in Gurugram. We have been in the market for the last 8+ years and excel in our services. With the passage of time, we have become gurus in our field i.e.  Digital Marketing, Web Development, Pay Per Click (PPC), and Search Engine Optimization. Our organization’s primary objective is to provide excellent services to our clients and keep up with the recent market trends.

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In collaboration with Kainotomia Edutech, we would like to introduce Offline Digital Marketing Training in Gurugram. The training in courses like Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, and more. The mode of the training would be online and offline. The duration of training is 6 Months followed by paid Internship. Come work with the Best Digital Marketing company in Gurugram. 

Digital Marketing Training – It is a Program of 6 months which includes a 3-month training period and the next 3 months internship phase. During the training phase, you will be trained about all the aspects of Digital Marketing which will include Domain hosting and many more. During the next 3 months of the internship, you will be working on live projects and gaining expertise in this field. The biggest benefit of this training program is that you will gain valuable experience which will help you to work in the actual industry. 

Social Media Marketing Training – It is a program of 15 Days where you would gain experience in the field of Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. It also includes Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Business Page Creation, handling multiple business pages, and many more.