Banner Design

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The banner advertisement emerged as an effective tool to generate money as well as promotion for the company. 

That banner is Good which having these Features

  • Animation
  • Bright Colours
  • Eye Cache Words
  • Full Information in one Banner

There are several types of banners varies in sizes and shapes.  Each of the banners is designed with a specific purpose and reflects particular messages. The placements of banners on website plays vital role in attracting people and generating clicks. For instance if you place banner at the top of your website or on your website header, it mostly showcased the company’s image while pasting the banner within the content area drives lots of clicks, and footer banners perform really well if they are particularly large in size.

The technologies used to create these visual advertisements varies, some banner designers create banner in GIF formats while some designers use flash technologies to create more animated products that will obviously bring more clicks than visitors to a client’s website.

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